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Dissocia: State of Mind is a puzzle-platformer that explores an abstraction of mental health disorders. You play as Ino, a young child lost in a series of mindscapes, each designed to represent the effects and symptoms of a different disorder. Each level of the game features a physical manifestation of the disorder being portrayed, while the level design, atmosphere, and puzzle mechanics seek to reflect the symptoms that a person suffering from the condition may experience.

This release of Dissocia is a proof of concept demo, focusing on Depression. Dissocia was designed and built as part of a 12 week project by students from the University of Derby, England.


  • Explore three unique environments which aim to represent the different emotional states a person suffering with depression may experience.
  • Experience puzzle-platforming mechanics designed to reflect the symptoms of depression.
  • Collect pages to fill out your Journal, which offers a companion narrative to the game experience.


Dissocia 1 GB